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March 26, 2021

Quest Diagnostics develops innovative, ground-breaking tests, products, and tools to enhance patient care, provide value to clients, and transform information into knowledge and insights. Serving 1 in 3 US adults annually, Quest generates tens of millions of healthcare data points. Tapping into this resource are dozens of industry-leading researchers looking for the next breaking story.

In the Diagnostics Dialogues, a new podcast series from Quest Diagnostics, top Quest researchers and thought leaders discuss hot topics for hospitals and health systems, share cutting-edge research, and identify what’s coming next in the world of diagnostic medicine.

Here from our host, Dr. Pat Alagia about his goals of this show:


host-pat-alagia.pngAs an entrepreneurial, innovative, and forward-thinking physician executive,  Dr Alagia has developed extensive experience and deep expertise throughout the healthcare ecosystem through his many years in the health system C-Suite and as a Senior Executive in major medical companies.  He has led large complex academically based regional healthcare systems,  for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations, venture capital-backed healthcare companies, and small and large clinical practices.

Today as the Chief Clinical Officer for Hospitals and Health Systems and as a Senior Medical Director for core and advanced at Quest Diagnostics, Dr Alagia and his clinical, scientific, academic, and commercial colleagues focus on a variety of topics involving diagnostic testing and patient care across the care continuum. He and his team are passionately committed to patient care, clinical and scientific excellence, and building interdisciplinary collegial relationships.


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